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Looking for a counselling service that actually feels like you?

Welcome home, babe! We trade the generic & surface-level for warm, playful & super-keen on delving deep.


Women often find Sit with Self after having a few not-so-ideal encounters with underwhelming counselling. They feel like they have been parroted the same surface-level strategies that work a bit, but aren’t getting to what’s really driving their issues.


The good news? We LOVE to delve deep. So if you’re looking for a refreshing approach to address your intellectualising, perfectionism or people-pleasing (or let’s be honest, all three), we want to connect with you! Are you ready for meaningful change?

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Connect with your authentic compassionate curious Self

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What the heck does Sit with Self mean?

I’m so glad you asked. Connecting with your authentic, compassionate and curious Self is at the centre of our therapeutic practice, and is where the name Sit with Self comes from. We hold the firm belief that all people have access to this Self (yes, even you!) when given the space, time & support to venture inward.

Grounded in self-compassion & self-awareness.

Core Values:

We believe that curiosity is a super power. When we embody this lens in our relationship with ourselves, others and the wider world, we take a massive leap towards growth and healing.

Bandaid approaches to mental health that mask symptoms rather than heal them just aren’t our thing. We like to go deep. This means that all offerings are based on frameworks that promote this deeper healing such as parts-work and EMDR.

We believe that mental health support needs to be adaptive, innovative and outside-the-box. This creative ethos underlies all that we do.

We believe all people deserve understanding and kindness, and it is from this place that meaningful change blossoms. We do not condone abandoning or ostracising people for making mistakes.

Healing does not happen in isolation. Connection to others is an essential part of thriving as a human being. We aim to provide ample opportunities for connection & belonging.

The human behind Sit with Self.

I’m Madeline, I am an accredited mental health social worker living in Melbourne with my partner and toddler.


I’m a deep thinker with a playful spirit, and a total nerd when it comes to therapeutic frameworks. I use an integrated approach in sessions which includes elements of acceptance and commitment therapy, internal family systems and polyvagal theory.


I strongly believe that in order to go deep with others, you must have unravelled and befriended your own inner system. That’s why I am committed to both my own therapeutic work and regular supervision.

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