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You’ve reached a plateau in therapy and self-help.


You KNOW about mindfulness, self-care and trauma, but this just isn’t translating into tangible progress in your life.


You keep burning out.


The therapy or coaching you have done in the past felt more like an Oscar-worthy performance of your insight rather than something that actually elicited meaningful change.


You are not alone. I was firmly stuck in this place too. As were so many of the women who came to me for therapy.


We knew the theory. We were kicking goals in our careers. We could spout off the trauma lingo. But something was missing.


When I discovered exactly what this missing puzzle piece was for myself, I started to use what I learned with my clients. The results were undeniable: 

  • More connection to creativity and flow
  • A work life that felt sustainable
  • Deeper relationships
  • More joy and playfulness

So what is this magical puzzle piece I speak of? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about working with the three protector parts I have coined The Millennial Trifecta: Intellectualising, People-pleasing and Perfectionism.


I’ll be launching in late Feb, but wanted to give my quiz peeps the chance to snag a spot first.


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Connect with your authentic compassionate curious Self

The human behind Sit with Self.

I’m Madeline, I am an accredited mental health social worker living in Melbourne with my partner and toddler.


I’m a deep thinker with a playful spirit, and a total nerd when it comes to therapeutic frameworks. I use an integrated approach in sessions which includes elements of acceptance and commitment therapy, internal family systems and polyvagal theory.


I strongly believe that in order to go deep with others, you must have unravelled and befriended your own inner system. That’s why I am committed to both my own therapeutic work and regular supervision.