Hi, I'm Madeline!

Hi, I'm Madeline!

I’m Madeline, the human behind Sit with Self. I am an accredited mental health social worker who uses an integrated approach targeting both the mind and body, grounded in self-compassion & self-awareness.

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Our view of mental health ‘problems’.

Compassion is at the core of how we view mental health ‘problems’ at Sit with Self. We view symptoms and behaviours like anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing, depression and self-sabotage as effective protective mechanisms that, at one stage in your life, helped you to survive. Fast forward to the present and these same behaviours may be causing havoc in your personal and professional life. 

We approach these mechanisms, not as something to try and get rid of as soon as possible, but as parts of you that are in need of kindness, connection and understanding. This does not mean that we enable harmful behaviours. On the contrary, we have found that having compassion and curiosity towards all parts of you increases the likelihood of accountability and positive change. Through this lens of compassion, we are able to look directly at our past behaviours without being overcome by shame (the feeling that I am a bad person).

We hold the firm belief that all people have access to a Self that is compassionate, curious, kind, authentic and creative (yes, even you!) however, this Self is sometimes hidden by our protective parts. Everyone is able to reconnect with this Self when given the space, time & support to venture inward.

Are you ready?